Export health certificates

If you run a food business and wish to export food outside the EU you may require a food export certificate.

Products of non-animal origin

If you operate a food business and wish to export food products outside the European Union you will be required to have a food export certificate.

Bassetlaw District Council can issue certificates for products of non-animal origin, fish and shellfish, produced or packed within the Bassetlaw district.

It is the exporter's responsibility to ensure that the content of the certificate meets the requirements of the destination country. It is recommended that prior to contacting Bassetlaw District Council, information about the destination country requirements is sought from the customer, embassy or trade representative. Inadequate information on the certificate could result in the rejection of a consignment.

Wording on the certificate

Whilst we would wish to try and incorporate the wording indicated on your request, we obviously cannot include wording that implies that we can vouch for the safety of the individual batch or consignment of food.

The wording of a basic certificate states that the premises where the food was packed or manufactured complies with food hygiene legislation. Your premises will be registered with this authority and will be subject to a satisfactory routine inspection programme, for us to issue such a certificate.

If the importing country requires a certificate stating that the product is fit for human consumption we would need to substantiate the claim before this could be stated on a certificate. This would require examination or analysis at a food laboratory of a sample from the batch being exported.


The cost of a basic certificate is £99 until 31 March 2023. If analysis is required then the cost of this will be recharged.

Please allow sufficient time for the type of certificate required.

From 1st April 2023

The cost of a basic certificate is £104. If analysis is required then the cost of this will be recharged.

Information required

Typical information required for an export certificate is as follows:

  • Manufacturer
  • Minimum durability
  • Storage conditions
  • Export approval number
  • Consignor
  • Consignee
  • Destination
  • Product(s)
  • Quantity
  • Country of origin
  • Date of production
  • Packaging
  • Batch no. (where appropriate)

Products of animal origin

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