Event planning - Safety Advisory Group Protocol

A guide for event organisers

Organisers of large scale events, those which have unusual or hazardous elements, or those with no previous history of running events in the area will be invited to attend an Event Safety Advisory Group (event SAG) meeting in the area where the event is due to take place, to discuss their event management plans. Event SAGs provide a single point of contact for organisers, and ensure that all agencies are aware of public events taking place in the local area. 

In Nottinghamshire, each district and borough council organises SAGs for the events in their area. Nottingham City Council is responsible for SAGs for events in the city. 

The SAG does not replace event planning meetings and as an event organiser, you should ensure that these have taken place and the event management plan has been written (at least in draft) before attending the SAG. 

The role of the Safety Advisory Group is advisory and the legal responsibility for the safe running of the event remains with the event organiser. 

The group aims to:

  • Ensure the highest attainable standard of public safety at events in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire
  • Encourage a culture of event safety and promote good practice in safety and welfare planning for events
  • Provide a multi agency forum for the coordination of advice to event organisers
  • Provide professional advice on the sustainability of event management plans and associated documents provided by the event organiser 
Core members* Invited members
District / Borough Council (chair & administration) Event organiser

Local authority representatives: 

  • Emergency planning
  • Environmental health
  • Health and safety
  • Building control
  • Highways
Security management company
Nottinghamshire Police Traffic management company
Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service Medical provider
East Midlands Ambulance Services

Specialist contractors (e.g. Fireworks company)


Site owner


*Core members of the Safety Advisory Group must declare any material conflict of interest in relation to any item put before the group prior to any discussion of the matter. If the interest could be considered prejudicial, then the person should consider if they should withdraw and be replaced by an appropriate party agreed with the group.


The District or Borough Council chairing the SAG will ensure that agendas and minutes are sent out in a timely fashion to all participants. Event organisers should forward the event plan to the chair of the SAG for distribution to the group no later than two weeks before the meeting. 

Guidance for planning a public event

Signpost to guidance (purple guide, green guide, home office document, council websites, A-Z guide)

Event management plan template

Tell us about your event 

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Tel: 01909 533219

Fill in and event notification form with basic information about you and your event and submit it to andrea.stewart.bassetlaw.gov.uk detailed above. This will help the SAG decide what level of involvement they need to have. 

What happens next

Your local SAG will assess the event using the information you provide on the event notification form. If your event is considered to be large scale, hazardous, unusual or you have not run an event in the area before you may be asked to submit your event management plan and be invited to attend a SAG meeting to discuss your event in more detail. Small, low risk events such as village fêtes will not normally be taken to a SAG meeting.

The SAG will advise you on whether your plans are appropriate. They may ask for more information, or ask that you change or add information in your plan to improve safety at your event. 

In the unlikely event that the SAG considers that your event may be unsafe, and that advice provided by the group is not being followed, the chair may withdraw the support of the group for your event. Although the SAG itself does not have the power to prevent an event taking place, individual members of the group may have powers to require event organisers to comply with their legal obligations. The withdrawal of the support of the SAG and its members may also affect your insurance policy. This is a very unusual course of action and would only be taken if all other avenues for improving safety management to an acceptable level has been exhausted.  



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