Breastfeeding friendly in Bassetlaw

Bassetlaw District Council is a breastfeeding friendly organisation and we encourage and welcome breastfeeding mothers.

If you need to breastfeed, just speak to the reception staff, and they will show you to a quiet, clean and comfortable location within the public areas where you can feed your baby.

In addition to what we already do, we will very soon have baby changing facilities in the Queen's Buildings location.

Our Environmental Health staff are working with Nottinghamshire County Council to identify and support local breastfeeding friendly places within the District of Bassetlaw.

  • Are you a breastfeeding mum in Bassetlaw?
  • Have you had a positive experience in a Bassetlaw Business?
  • Do you think they would be a suitable candidate for our Breastfeeding Friendly scheme?

If so, let us know by contacting with the name of the business, road name and area and we will get in touch and invite the business on board.

Do you want your business to be breastfeeding friendly?

Breastfeeding Friendly was launched to encourage businesses and venues within Nottinghamshire to sign up to being "Breastfeeding Friendly" to encourage businesses to provide a more welcoming and positive environment for breastfeeding mothers.  

Many mothers feel that breastfeeding in public is viewed as "socially unacceptable".  We are often told by Mums that a fear of breastfeeding in public is a barrier to them starting or continuing to breastfeed.  We want this to change.  Breastfeeding is the most natural, environmentally friendly way to feed a baby and we want the "socially unacceptable" tag.  By being part of Breastfeeding Friendly Nottinghamshire and spreading the word, you can help us with this.

There are two roads that you could take to help us with this:-

  1. Where possible, becoming a welcoming premise for mothers wanting a positive and comfortable environment to feed their child
  2. Supporting your staff who are returning from maternity leave

Venues taking part in the scheme will be given stickers to display in their doors/windows to let people know that they are welcome to breastfeed in the establishment as well as the premise being issued with a certificate.

Local business information

We’re encouraging businesses and venues within Nottinghamshire to provide more welcoming environments for breastfeeding mums by signing up to being ‘Breastfeeding Friendly’.

We want:

  • Mums to be able to feed their baby in comfort and safety
  • Mums to know where there are welcoming and supportive places for them to breastfeed
  • To normalise breastfeeding in local communities.

Why become Breastfeeding Friendly?

Improved customer service, and help attract and retain new customers

  • Free positive publicity for little input
  • You’ll be placed on our directory of Breastfeeding Friendly places, and receive Breastfeeding Friendly materials to display
  • Supporting the health of your local community
  • You’ll be compliant with the Equality Act 2010 which states that no breastfeeding mother can be discriminated against in public areas.

How to become Breastfeeding Friendly?

Do you:

  • Allow breastfeeding in all public areas
  • Provide breastfeeding mums with seating and a welcoming, clean and comfortable environment
  • Employ staff that are positive towards and supportive of breastfeeding mums
  • Understand that some mums prefer to feed in privacy, and help wherever you can

Would you:

  • Ensure all appropriate staff have reviewed a short breastfeeding friendly training pack, including information about the law and breastfeeding in a public place
  • Display a breastfeeding friendly sticker and certificate

Then you can be Breastfeeding Friendly!

Next steps:

  • You’ll start by completing a short self-assessment form
  • You may then be visited to confirm whether your venue appears Breastfeeding Friendly (not all venues will receive a visit)
  • We’ll provide you with simple information to help ensure all staff understand how to provide a welcoming environment - if needed we can
    provide more detailed support 
  • You’ll receive a certificate and stickers to display, and we’ll add your details to the Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust directory of Breastfeeding
    Friendly places

For more information or to begin the self assessment please contact Environmental Health email: or telephone 01909 533219.

If you would like to apply, you can complete the BFF self assessment form (partnership leaflet) PDF and email to

Breastfeeding friendly places in Bassetlaw

  • Manton CC
  • North Worksop CC
  • Prospect Kilton CC
  • Hallcroft CC
  • Rural CC
  • Harworth CC
  • West Bassetlaw CC
  • Tuxford CC
  • Bassetlaw Museum
  • Retford PCC
  • Harworth PCC
  • Worksop Bus station
  • Worksop Library
  • Retford bus station
  • Retford Library
  • La Rocca
  • Retford Town Hall
  • Bassetlaw District Council (Queens Buildings)
  • Mollie Rocker, Bakery Retford
  • Costa, Retford
  • Torworth Grange, Retford
  • Deli and Dine
  • Grove St Mother and Toddler
  • Bircotes Leisure Centre
  • Worksop leisure Centre
  • Kilton Golf Club
  • Ten Green Bottles
  • Café Neo
  • Pump Farm Day Nursery and Forest School
  • Bircotes Pre-School
  • The Kidz Hub, Harworth
  • Farthings Residential Care Home, Old London Road, West Drayton, Retford DN22 8ED
  • The Crossing, Newcastle St, Worksop
  • Tuxford Clinic

Last Updated on Monday, March 6, 2023