Dog fouling - In which areas must I clean up after my dog

You must clear up after your dog on any land to which the public has access.  This can include private land where the land owner has given permission for the public to entre.

The only exemptions to this are:-

  • A Registered Blind Person with an assistance dog
  • A Deaf person in respect of a dog trained by Hearing Dogs for the Deaf
  • The person has a disability which affects their mobility, manual dexterity, physical co-ordination or ability to lift, carry or move everyday objects.  This relates only to an assistance dog trained by a prescribed charity
  • Where the land owner has consented to the owner not cleaning up


A fixed penalty notice of £100.00 will be issued.

Not having a bag is not a reasonable excuse for not clearing up after the dog.

Bassetlaw District Council do not provide Poo-bags; it is the owner's responsibility to ensure they have them.



Last Updated on Monday, May 24, 2021