Job related discounts

You may be entitled to a 50% discount if occupation of a property is necessary in order to do a job properly, or has been provided in order for the employee to perform their duties. The discount can also apply if there is a threat to an employee's security, or if the employee lives in the property as part of special security arrangement.

For example:

  • Live-in caretaker
  • Teacher living on the premises of a school
  • Second home of a Pub Manager who is required to live on the premises 

We will ask for proof that you pay Council Tax at a main address elsewhere and that your address in our area is your 'job related' property. Proof includes a copy of your contract of employment which states that you must occupy the property for employment reasons.

You may also qualify for this discount if you have left a property in our area to live elsewhere for work purposes as a condition of your employment.




Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024