Polling Districts and Polling Places Review

In accordance with the Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places (Parliamentary Elections) Regulations 2006, Bassetlaw District Council has conducted a review of all polling districts and polling places in the district’s parliamentary constituencies.

The formal review of the Council’s polling districts and polling places took place from 1 July until 12 August 2019, followed by consultation on proposals  between 27th August and 7th October 2019. A report was presented at an Extraordinary Meeting of Council held on 12th November 2019, and members resolved to approve the recommendations arising from the review. The Council report and minutes, including the recommendations can be viewed online:

As part of the process of implementing the final Polling District changes, the Council will republish the Register of Electors on 1st February 2020. The public notice relating to the republication of the register can be viewed online:

Supporting Documents

Background information

  • A polling district is a smaller part of an electoral area. They can be thought of as the building blocks for which different council wards and parliamentary constituencies are built from. A polling district cannot be shared between two electoral areas – such as a parish.
  • A polling place is the building or area in which the polling stations will be selected by the (Acting) Returning Officer.
  • A polling station is the room or building where voting takes place.

Last Updated on Tuesday, February 11, 2020