Pfungstadt (Germany)

The largest town in the district of Darmstadt-Dieburg. Within view of the range of hills of the Odenwald, Pfungstadt is situated in the northern part of the Bergstrasse (Mountain Way), an area with an exceptionally mild climate. Originally a village with many corn mills, Pfungstadt has developed into a recognised industrial town. Nowadays, Pfungstadt offers all the advantages of a provincial town with various shopping opportunities.

The historic Town Hall (built 1613-1618) and many half timbered houses, restored with loving care, remind one of the ups and downs of the 1200 years old town. At the local museum Pfungstadt's history can be traced back to Roman times. The combined wave and open-air bath is one of the most modern swimming and recreation grounds in the area.

The surroundings are interesting: dunes from prehistoric times when the river Neckar flowed in to the Rhine further north than nowadays, Pfungstadt Moor (fen), a nature reserve because of its unique plant and bird life. The Rhine is only 10 km to the west. Pfungstadt is between Frankfurt, with Europe's largest airport, to the north and Heidelberg to the south. Thanks to two modern motorways both cities are just 30 minutes away. Darmstadt, a centre of the arts, with its University, schools, museums, galleries and shops is easily accessible from Pfungstadt by bus or tram.

Pfungstadt's restaurants and pubs do justice to almost every expectation. Last but not least the world-renowned beer, Pfungstädter Bier, is an essential part of the general social life. The warm hospitality of Pfungstadt's population continuously impresses its visitors.

Last Updated on Thursday, September 28, 2017