Farmers Branch (USA)

The name "Farmers Branch" has puzzled many, but when you realise that the "branch" refers to a branch of the river and substitute the more common word of "creek" - all becomes clear. Farmers Branch is by far the most distant of our Twin Towns and an air journey of 9-10 hours is the only practical way of arriving there. But it is conveniently close to its big sister town of Dallas and the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport is only 10 minutes away. 'Twin Town" is an expression not known in the U.S.A. where "Sister City" is the norm. Originating as a farming community. Farmers Branch is now very much a commercial centre and its normal population of about 32,000 swells to about 100,000 during working hours. But much of its original charm is encapsulated in its Historical Park where some of the original buildings, dating from about 1840, have been gathered together in the form of a village.

Those who still have roots across the Atlantic are reminded of this each December when there is a "Dickens in the Park" festival and "English Yuletide Teas" are served each Saturday. It may come as a surprise to first-time visitors to find that Farmers Branch is still "dry", although that causes few problems since all the surrounding areas, including Carrollton just over the border, have more normal alcohol laws.

If shopping is what you are looking for, there are three major shopping malls within very short distance. If sightseeing is of more interest to you, Dallas is a must with its very distinctive silhouette against the skyline. The area where President Kennedy met his untimely end is well defined, as is the building from which the fatal shot was fired. For telly addicts, the infamous Southfork is not far away.

Nearby also is Fort Worth with its historical stockyards and a very impressive locomotive, which is still in good working order. Due to the distance involved, there are inevitably fewer visits to and from Farmers Branch than is the case with our nearer European Twin Towns but visitors can be assured of a warm welcome, whether going in a group or as an individual.

Last Updated on Monday, October 15, 2018