Aurillac/Arpajon-Sur-Cere (France)

In a country which has no shortage of scenic beauty Aurillac, situated in the High Auvergne, with its twin-town of Arpajon-sur-Cére and adjoining village of Crespiat, must rate as one of the most scenic areas in France. Aurillac can trace its origin back to the 1st Century A.D., but it really started developing in the Middle Ages after receiving its first charter around 1300 A.D. It became the capital of the Cantal region in 1794 and the "Umbrella Capital" of France on 1850.

Amongst the many historic buildings and sites (19 are listed in their brochure) are the Benedictine Abbey, founded by Saint Geraud in the 9th Century and the old houses built on the original city walls alongside the River Jordanne.

But the region is not all about history and Arpajon (5,400 inhabitants) has a fine modern municipal camping site for over 100 caravans and tents, situated between the two arms of the River Cere. This is bordered by playing fields and tennis courts and the ancient and recently renovated water mill Unlike most water mills, this one has its driving wheel completely underwater.

For those who prefer more action, there is no shortage of sports facilities in the region - being perfect terrain for rock climbing and with plenty of space for golf and other sporting activities.

For those who take their sporting activities a little more leisurely, there is good fishing.

For those who prefer watching whilst others expend their energies, there is a "Festival of Street Theatre" during the last week of August with many performances each day - most of them free.

As with most of our Twinning connections, exchanges have been going on since the early 80s. One of the earliest visits was made by the Ryton Chorale. The Worksop Folk Dance Group have made several exchange visits with the "Bourrée d'Aurillac", their opposite number in Aurillac. Our schools have played a major part in the Aurillac Connection and exchanges take place annually, as do work experience exchanges amongst 6th form students in June and July. Our youngest connection is between the 10-year-olds of Ramsden School and the Ecole de Tivoli of Aurillac.

Last Updated on Monday, October 10, 2022