Rural communities - Working with rural communities

Bassetlaw covers 638 sq km out of 2085sq km for Nottinghamshire (30%). 116,839 mid - year population estimate 2018.  It has the lowest population density in Nottinghamshire at 182 people per sq km.

There are 73 villages, served by 45 Parish Councils and 10 Parish Meetings. Tuxford, Harworth & Bircotes and Langold have been identified as market towns.

The rural communities are very diverse ranging from small market towns and former mining communities, to very small hamlets. The District is classified as a ‘Largely Rural district'. The Wards with the largest number of rural households are Harworth, Carlton, Tuxford and Trent, Langold, Misterton and Blyth.

Parish Councils and other community groups are actively helping to implement policies, programmes and services that improve the quality of life for their communities.  To support this work, Bassetlaw District Council will:

  • Help develop the capacity of Parish Councils
  • Build effective partnerships with Parish Councils and rural community groups
  • Provide assistance in seeking funding
  • Encourage community involvement and promote local wellbeing

For information about the council's role if flooding occurs in the parishes and town centres, visit our flooding pages.



Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024