Emergency rest centres

During or following an incident, the Emergency Services may need to evacuate a populated area. Evacuees would initially be taken to a temporary “Place of Safety” such as village hall or public house by the Police. At this stage it will be determined which evacuees have no alternative means of accommodation. If there is a significant number, a rest centre would be opened.

Rest Centre

The aim of the Rest Centre is to care for evacuees who need temporary accommodation or shelter due to an incident or emergency. Its main objective is to minimise the discomfort and anxiety of those who are temporarily displaced by an incident or an emergency.

The Rest Centres are managed in accordance with the Notts County Council Rest Centre Protocol. Bassetlaw District Council plays a major part providing staff, accommodation and resources to provide these temporary shelters whilst normality is being restored. Also the staffing of these premises is very dependent on the assistance of a number of voluntary agencies.

Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024