Drought information

What is a drought?

A drought is a long period of unusually low rainfall, which can result in possible water shortages.

As we now expect long periods of dry weather to become more common we may see more drought conditions in this country.

What can I do to help during a drought?

Think before you use water. Do you really need to use it and do you really need to use such large amounts?

Water saving can not only reduce the risk of emergency drought measures being brought into effect by the Water Companies but they can also save you money on water bills and help protect wildlife.

There are simple steps that we can all take to help save water. For more detailed advice on how to save water visit the following websites:

Who manages the water resources in England?

  • DEFRA – Has overall policy responsibility for water resources in England.
  • Environment Agency – Has the duty to manage water resources in England and Wales. They must make sure that the resources are being used properly and that there is enough water to meet all of our needs and the needs of the environment.
  • Water Supply Companies - Have the responsibility for making sure that the systems they use for providing you with water, works well without damaging the natural environment.

To enable them to do this is times of drought, the supply companies have the powers to put in place temporary restrictions in the use of water (e.g. hosepipe bans).


Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024