What is stalking?

Stalking is a pattern of repeated, persistent and unwanted behaviour that is invasive and can generate fear. Stalkers can be male or female. 

Stalking occurs when a person becomes fixated or obsessed with another. 

Stalking is a devastating crime and its impact can result in major life changes for the victim, for example: 

  • Living in constant fear
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Threats of violence 
  • Loss of employment 
  • Having to move 
  • Isolation, unable to go out 
  • Depression, Anxiety and PTSD
  • Potential physical injuries

Safety Advice

  • Consider carrying a personal alarm / body camera
  • Turn your phone into a GPS alarm - download safety apps such as Hollie guard, Bright Sky and set up the buddy alert with safe friends and family who can track your location in an emergency
  • Vary your daily routine and take different routes to and from work 
  • Park in well lit areas near the public, or near CCTV. Always park facing an exit for a clear, quick get away
  • If you are being followed head for a place of safety e.g. Police Station, public areas, 24 hour supermarkets, petrol stations that have CCTV
  • Keep to areas in view of the public that are not isolated. Keep your phone in your hand and activate your safety app 
  • Review your privacy settings on all social media, and encourage friends and family to do the same
  • Review your online presence by typing your name on search engines to see what information is available to the public
  • Change email, social media and bank account passwords regularly, and ensure answers to security questions cannot be guessed

Finding Support

If you require support with an issue to do with stalking, please call the Nottingham City & Nottinghamshire Stalking Advisory Service (SAS):

  • Women's Helpline - 01159 476490
  • Men's Helpline - 01159 605556

Stalking Advisory Service (SAS) referral form.

If you are experiencing stalking by an ex-intimate partner please call the domestic violence helpline numbers:

  • Women's helpline: 0808 800 0340 
  • Men's helpline: 0115 960 5556

Last Updated on Tuesday, May 5, 2020