Employment ambition

Employment Ambition is a new project covering North East Derbyshire, Chesterfield, Bolsover, Derbyshire Dales and Bassetlaw Local Authority areas.  Funded through the Sheffield City Region funding initiative, The project has been set up to:

  • Support young people aged 18-24 who are looking for work, claiming JSA and living within the five local authority areas

  • Provide tailored, person centred support, including a dedicated key worker for each young person

  • Raise aspirations and motivation through individual development plans

  • Remove and reduce barriers to ensure success, including reimbursement of expenses

  • Provide in work support for up to 26 weeks to ensure sustainable employment outcomes for young people

  • Access to a dedicated mental health support worker, finance and debt advisor, and housing and homelessness support

  • Back to work savings premium of up to £500 once a young person moves into work

Ambition is the No. 1 service for young people. Get in touch today on 01246 217833 to discuss how we can help you achieve your ambition!

Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024