What is the Council doing about climate change?

Climate Change is an international issue, but as we think global we must act local. Bassetlaw District Council is keen to play their part and ensure climate action is delivered at the local level through the dedicated Climate Change team. The team is responsible for the Council’s climate action, which is separated in two forms; adaptation and mitigation. Climate adaptation primarily refers to planning and investment related activities, ensuring Bassetlaw residents can live safely and happily in the district even with the changes in the coming years. Climate mitigation are the actions that directly and immediately reduce ongoing carbon emissions, primarily from electrification or reducing energy consumption.

The Council’s Climate Change team has been primarily responsible for mitigation activities, focused on decarbonisation of assets and identifying invest to save opportunities. This is achieved through the delivery of central Government funded projects and internal investment. There has also been an evolution of wider support for district stakeholders as well, such as retrofit of the private housing sector and decarbonisation support for SMEs. Projects delivered and those currently underway are below, with additional detail for landmark programmes:

  • Awarded over £1.04m from PSDS 3 to fully decarbonise the Council’s principal office block, Queens Building
    • Upwards of 150tCO2/annum saved for final project (~7% of 2018/19 carbon footprint baseline)
  • Awarded £0.319m from PSDS 1 to carry out a whole house retrofit of the Kilton Forest Golf Club House and replacement of oil boiler with heat pumps
    • 36tCO2/annum saved – removed the dirtiest heating system from the council’s commercial assets
  • Facilitated over £1.2m from LAD and HUG funding to support the retrofit of private housing stock across the District
  • 71 properties from SWC –varying from EWI, loft, cavity and solar (and a mix)
    • 39 properties from LAD 2 -6 EWI and 33 Solar PV
  • Installed over 100 kW capacity of Solar PV on council assets
  • Established the Council’s first EV Charging points
  • VMD 84k kWh elec or 24tCO2/year to be saved (Planned/Upcoming works)
  • LED replacements for end-of-life street lighting in strategic locations
    • Halved the energy requirement and reduced running costs by 50%
  • Awarded £3.9m from HUG 2 to deliver 2 years of domestic retrofit support
    • To improve the energy performance of off-gas properties
    • Residents can find out more about the scheme and how to apply here
  • Development of a Local Area Energy Plan (LAEP) – a district wide strategy to support to a net zero future
  • Delivery of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund E29: Supporting Decarbonisation within local SMEs
    • To produce a heat decarbonisation plan and obtain fabric measures to improve energy efficiency
  • Carbon Strategy – dedicated stepwise/scientific pathway to guide investment to get council operations to carbon neutrality
  • Supporting green and blue infrastructure in Bassetlaw. View supporting evidence.

Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024