We have a responsibility under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to act as the litter authority for Bassetlaw.

This responsibility applies to all council owned land and includes street cleaning, litter collection, the removal of fly-posting, graffiti, dog fouling and fly-tipping.


Littering is punishable by a £100 fixed penalty notice which means if, for example, you drop a cigarette butt, chewing gum, paper cup or fast food wrapping onto the street or throw from your vehicle you will be fined for each item dropped.

An offender has 14 days to pay the fixed penalty notice. Failure to pay the fine can result in the case being taken to court and a maximum fine on conviction of £2500.


The Council also work with our enforcement officers Waste Investigations Support and Enforcement Limited (WISE) to spot people who deliberately drop litter and fail to clean up after their dogs. WISE have been given powers by Bassetlaw District Council to issue Fixed Penalty Notices of £100 for littering and dog fouling. Should the FPN not be paid, the offender could face prosecution and a potential fine of up to £2,500.

Don’t be a Tos53r campaign

The council is currently trying to tackle the problem of drivers and passengers throwing rubbish from their vehicles. Throwing litter from a vehicle is dangerous for other vehicles, our wildlife and also makes our roadsides and pavements unsightly for all those driving through the district.

We are only responsible for adopted highways.

What we need from you

When reporting litter being thrown from a vehicle, we will need you to provide all the relevant information for us to investigate. This includes location, date and time, vehicle details (make and model), vehicle registration number, if possible physical description of the person(s) involved (what they look like), approximate age of the person(s) involved, the type of litter deposited i.e. cigarette end, whether the person depositing the litter was a driver or a passenger.

Last Updated on Friday, February 24, 2023