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In Bassetlaw, there are lots of organised sports clubs that sustain sports participation and have delivered their own sporting legacy for many years. They provide sporting pathways for those who like to participate in sport for enjoyment to those that have inspirational sporting abilities and want to compete at the highest standards.

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Bassetlaw Triathlon Club

Bassetlaw Triathlon Club logo

Name: Cat Harrison

Telephone: 01909 473937 (leave message)




The club’s aim is to provide friendship and support for members, and encourage greater participation in the sport of triathlon. Participation can be at any level; whether just to get fit, to get to the finish line of someone’s first triathlon, or represent the country and compete internationally. Find us on Facebook


Worksop Leisure Centre and Apple Fitness (Worksop).

Who's Welcome?

Seniors (15 years and over), Males and Females welcome.