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In Bassetlaw, there are lots of organised sports clubs that sustain sports participation and have delivered their own sporting legacy for many years. They provide sporting pathways for those who like to participate in sport for enjoyment to those that have inspirational sporting abilities and want to compete at the highest standards.

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Worksop Squash Club

Worksop Squash Club logo

Name: Cliff Briggs

Telephone: 01909 481704



Worksop Squash Club has two squash courts, a sauna, a small gym and a table tennis room. In addition to squash, racketball is rapidly growing in popularity and is easier for beginners. Coaching is available for all members and is almost free for juniors. New members, especially juniors, are welcome.


Worksop Squash Club, Worksop Cricket and Sports Club, Central Avenue, Worksop, Notts, S80 1EN.

Who's Welcome?

Juniors, Seniors, Males and Females.