Climate change - What does it mean?

What does climate change mean to you?

Depending on where you live depends on the effects of climate change. Overall the effects will be felt economically. Most people like a sunny day and if that is what climate change means, why should we do anything at all? The fact is that weather bad or good is defined by individual events, events which both us and wildlife recover from, even when they are extreme. Climate change is much more. It brings increased extreme weather events such as storms, high winds and extreme temperatures. As these occur more frequently our ability to recover lessons and the impact is felt on our resources, economy and wildlife.

Below are some possible impacts from climate change:

  • Increase of flooding
    • More frequent repairs to flood damaged property
    • Water contamination
    • Lack of fresh water
    • Effects on service provision
  • Increased food prices and water bills due to stresses on resources
  • Increased energy costs due to extreme temperatures
  • Roads buckling due to heat


Bassetlaw's approach to climate change will be to:

  • Demonstrate leadership and take action to adapt and mitigate to climate change
  • To signpost and facilitate the public, business and communities in playing their part in the emission reduction challenge.
  • To act sustainably and be open and transparent in its operations and commitment in emission reduction and to find the appropriate balance between environmental benefits and economic impact.
  • To be outward looking and see the problem of climate change as a global and local issue.
  • To adhere to reduction targets which are both obtainable and beneficial through the implementation of work plans throughout all elements of council services and its estates.



Last Updated on Friday, October 18, 2019