Climate change - Facts

One of the most poignant threats to both our economy and prosperity is that of Climate Change. Climate change is nothing new, it has happened naturally over millions of years, however anthropological climate change: that caused by human activity is new.

There is now 40% more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than there was prior to the industrial revolution. As a consequence the global average temperature is rising with the last decade being the warmest on record.

As such, actions to decrease emissions must be taken and whether or not we are responsible for this increase is not the argument, decreasing emissions and looking after resources is what will sustain our future. Global warming will increase risk of changes in the climate system, the melting of ice sheets, rising in sea levels, lack of resources and the loss of species.

The Governments' approach to adapt and mitigate these circumstances has targets of cutting emissions by 34% by 2020 and 80% by 2050. By setting and meeting reduction targets this may be achieved.



  • Climate change is happening and humans are contributing to it.
  • Global average temperatures are continuing to rise.
  • Current climate change is not simply part of a natural cycle.
  • Earth's recent warming cannot be explained by solar activity or natural factors alone.
  • If we continue emitting greenhouse gases this warming will continue and delaying action will make the problem more difficult to fix.
  • Climate models can predict the main features of future climate.



Last Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2017