Street care and cleaning


Our staff operate throughout the District cleaning litter from the vast areas of land, highways and roadside verges for which we have the cleansing responsibility. We also have responsibility for clearing litter from our two main town centres at Retford and Worksop.

Our efforts are hindered by those irresponsible individuals who drop litter and fly tip throughout the District. We work closely with the Council's Environmental Health staff to identify those individuals and the Council have already taken a number of prosecutions for fly tipping and will continue to do so.

This process has been aided with the introduction of legislation which allows us to ask for proof of proper waste disposal from commercial operations in the District.


Discarded Needles and Syringes

We operate a service to collect and dispose of used needles and syringes discarded on our streets and other public places. We will respond as quickly as possible once a call has been received to minimise the risk of any potential injury occurring. These can be reported online or during office hours only on 01909 534 501.


Last Updated on Tuesday, January 11, 2022