Commercial and trade waste - Commercial waste Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I have to pay for trade waste when I already pay business rates?

A. Businesses have the choice and right to “shop around” to find the best rates for the disposal of their waste needs and because of this they may not choose to use the service offered by the Council.

Commercial waste collection and disposal charges cannot be included in the business rating system for this reason.

The official business rates government website will help to explain why you as a commercial premises are charged business rates

Q. Why can’t I burn my waste?

A. You could be breaking the law and cause environmental pollution by burning waste.

Q. Why can’t I take my waste home and put it in my domestic bin or take it to a civic amenity site?

A. You must be a licensed waste carrier to transport waste in the first place; in addition, civic amenity sites can only be used for disposal of household waste.

Q. If I put out side waste (waste that will not fit in my bin) will it be collected?

A. No.  Only waste contained within the bin and the bin lid must be completely closed.  All bins must be accessible by 6.00am.

Q. Do I have to renew my contract every year?

A. No, your contract is ongoing until you inform us, in writing, that you wish to cancel. A 28 day notification is required.



Last Updated on Thursday, October 14, 2021