Recycling and waste

Garden waste collection service

This annual service is an easy way for you to get rid of your garden waste without having to take it to your local tip yourself.

Recycling at home

Information about recycling in Bassetlaw

Waste & recycling A to Z

A waste and recycling A-Z which explains which items and go in your green and blue bins.

Bin collection days

Information on the Bin Collection Days for households around Bassetlaw

Fly tipping

Information about Fly Tipping, the effects, costs and consequences of this criminal activity

Bulky waste collections

How to arrange a bulky waste collection from a domestic property, the costs incurred and what items are covered

Abandoned vehicles

Information about what an abandoned vehicle is, and how to report it to the Council.

Asbestos collections

What to do if you have Asbestos which needs collecting

Commercial and trade waste

Commercial waste information for Bassetlaw and how much it costs

Community litter picks

Information about the 'Spring Clean' & 'Autumn Sweep' events held every year

Home composting

Information about composting at home

Managing Bins in Hot Weather

Managing Bins in Hot Weather

Medical sharps collection

Book a Medical Sharps Collection from a domestic property using our online facility

New developments storage and collection

Guidance for new developments on Bin Storage and Collection

Order a new bin

If your bin is lost or damaged, order a new one.

Purchase of new wheeled bins

How much and how to purchase a wheeled bin in Bassetlaw

Recycling and refuse policy

The recycling and refuse policy for the Bassetlaw District Council

Recycling centres

The recycling centres within the district of Bassetlaw, where they are and what times they are open

Report a missed bin

Report a missed bin collection using our online service

Request for assisted bin collections

Information about assisted bin collections from domestic properties

Street care and cleaning

Information about Street Care and Cleaning within the District of Bassetlaw

Sustainability and climate change

Information on Sustainability and Climate Change in Bassetlaw