Peaks Hill Farm concept plan

Feedback from the public consultation in January 2020 indicated that residents want to see more detail of proposals for the Peaks Hill Farm site. In order to gain an understanding of the type of development and infrastructure needed by local residents and other consultees, the Council is proposing to take a stage by stage approach to the overall design of Peaks Hill Farm.

At this stage of the Bassetlaw Local Plan’s evolution, the Council would like to hear people’s views on an initial Concept Plan which has been produced by the site promoter, Hallam Land Management.  Following this public consultation, the Council will take on board views of the Concept Plan and these will feed into the next version of the Local Plan and development of a more detailed Masterplan for the site to be undertaken by the site promoter.

The Peaks Hill Farm Concept Plan can be viewed on Hallam Land Management’s website.

Last Updated on Wednesday, December 29, 2021