General Questions on Draft Bassetlaw Local Plan November 2020

What is the Local Plan?

A Local Plan is a land-use planning policy document. It sets out the vision and spatial planning framework for the future development of Bassetlaw over the next 17 years. It tells us how many homes and jobs we need and how much housing and employment land and infrastructure we need by 2037.

It identifies where that new development should go.

It shows which areas of the District should be protected from development such as important heritage assets e.g. scheduled monuments, and important wildlife areas e.g. Local Wildlife Sites.

When adopted it will be used to assess planning applications and it will be the overarching framework for any Neighbourhood Plans.

Why does Bassetlaw need one?

The Local Plan is a statutory requirement and the Government has made it clear that all Councils must have an up-to-date plan and it must be pro-growth.

The current plan for Bassetlaw is the Core Strategy. This was adopted in 2011. Since then, national legislation and Government policy has changed so elements of the Core Strategy are considered out of date. These proposals may result in unsustainable, unplanned, piecemeal development across the District, without necessary supporting infrastructure.

An up to date Local Plan means the Council has more control over the type and location of development in the District and makes sure that we get the right infrastructure for our communities.

What would happen if we didn’t produce one?

It is a statutory requirement for all Local Authorities to produce an up-to-date plan based on the most recent guidance and legislation. Without an up-to-date Local Plan, Bassetlaw would be subject to unplanned, piecemeal development without the required supporting infrastructure. 

There's also a risk that if we don’t produce an up-to-date Local Plan, Government may intervene and take over the writing of the Local Plan.  This would mean we'd have no control over what development is imposed on Bassetlaw.

What happens to the Core Strategy?

Once adopted, the Bassetlaw Local Plan will replace the Core Strategy. It will then be used to assess planning applications and planning proposals.

Why is the plan for 17 years?

Government guidance states that a Local Plan should cover a minimum of 15 years from the date of adoption. The proposed plan period of 2018 to 2037 meets this requirement, given that the Council anticipates the Plan will be adopted in late 2022.

What are the aims of the Local Plan?

Our vision for the Local Plan can be broadly defined by 5 key objectives:

  • Building a stronger local economy
  • Regenerating the District
  • Meeting the needs for new homes
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle choices
  • Tackling climate change

Who decides if the Bassetlaw Local Plan is acceptable?

An independent Planning Inspector will examine the plan through a formal ‘Examination in Public’ to assess if it has been prepared in accordance with legislation and national planning guidance and whether it is ‘sound’.

To be found ‘sound’, the Local Plan must be:

  • Positively prepared
  • Justified
  • Effective
  • Consistent with national policy

Following the examination, the Inspector makes recommendations to the Secretary of State and the Council about whether the Local Plan should be adopted, or any changes should be made. If changes are required further consultation is necessary. If the Plan can be adopted, it would need to be formally adopted by the Council.

Where can I view the Draft Bassetlaw Local Plan?

To view the Local Plan in full please go to The website also has a number of resources for you to view, including posters displaying key information and access to the evidence documents used to help create the Draft Bassetlaw Local Plan.

Last Updated on Thursday, December 17, 2020