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Draft Bassetlaw Local Plan Consultation

During January – February 2019 the Council consulted on the first Draft Local Plan. We collated all the consultation replies and where appropriate we changed the Local Plan and revised the existing policies, proposed allocation sites and increased the evidence. This was done to make sure that Bassetlaw's Local Plan represents the local community as best as possible.

This January – February 2020 we are consulting on the Draft Bassetlaw Local Plan again and would encourage and invite you to comment on the changes we have made!

This is the next stage towards adopting a Local Plan for Bassetlaw. This set of consultations will be the last chance for everybody to give their views before the Council drafts the more formal issue of the Bassetlaw Local Plan which we expect to be completed by late Summer, 2020.

The consultation period on the Draft Bassetlaw Local Plan will run from 15 January 2020 to 26 February 2020, 6pm

View our list of consultation events taking place across the district.

In summary we want your views on:

  • Vision and Objectives: a revised Vision on how the District will develop over the next 20 years.
  • Draft Policies and Proposals: to help decide planning applications.
  • Proposed Sites: these were the proposed development sites for housing and employment which were chosen based on the published (and previously consulted upon) selection methodology.
  • Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule 2020
  • Supporting Documents: These help to create the Draft Bassetlaw Local Plan.
  • Evidence Base: a series of studies and reports prepared to inform preparation of the Local Plan. The evidence has continued to be updated.

Consultation Feedback

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Please note that the consultation has now closed! 

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