Site allocations frequently asked questions (FAQ's) - Section 1

Q. What is the Site Allocations DPD?

A. The Site Allocations DPD will identify or ‘allocate’ areas of land within Bassetlaw for specific types of development, such as housing and employment. It will be part of Bassetlaw’s Local Development Framework (LDF), which is a new series of planning documents that the Council is producing to guide development decisions in Bassetlaw.

The first document to be produced as part of the LDF was the Core Strategy, which identifies the settlements that are to receive allocations, along with the scale of housing and employment growth that each settlement will need to accommodate.

The inclusion of a site in the final Site Allocations DPD will mean that the Council, in principle, will support any development or use that is in accordance with the requirements of the DPD and the Core Strategy.

Q. What is the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment?

A. The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) identifies and assesses the development potential of possible sites for future housing development. The sites assessed as being ‘developable’ will be considered through the site allocations process.



Last Updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2024