Core strategy examination

What is the core strategy examination

All the information and relative documents for the Core Strategy Examination at Bassetlaw District Council

Hearing agendas matters and questions

The Hearing Agendas including main matters and questions produced by the Inspector of the Core Strategy Examination

Programme Officer contact details

Contact Details for the Programme Officer during Examination Enquiries

Core strategy examination news

Latest News Updates with regards to Bassetlaw District Councils Core Strategy

Core strategy examination guidance notes

Guidance Notes and list of respondents for Core Strategy Examination

Examination library

Library of all core documents relating to the Core Strategy examination at Bassetlaw

Key dates

The inspector has now decided on the timetable for the core strategy Examination

List of representations

List of the Representations at the Bassetlaw District Council Core Strategy Examination

Matter 4 meeting

Meeting held to discuss the approach to be taken with regard to housing and employment. The meeting was held on 13 April 2011

Pre-hearing meeting

There will be no reason to hold a Pre-hearing Meeting at Bassetlaw District Council for the Core Strategy Examination

Topic papers

Topic papers relating to the Bassetlaw Core Strategy Examination

Written statements

Invited written statements in response to main matters and questions for the Bassetlaw Core Strategy Examination