Planning complaints and comments - Comments

You may also wish to make an initial request for service. For example you may contact us to let us know about a matter that requires attention, such as site notice being removed. This will be treated as an initial service request rather than a complaint. You may also wish to make a comment about the services we provide, such as:

  • A suggestion on how we can improve what we do
  • A requests for an explanation of Council Policy/information


If you are pleased with the way we have done something, please let us know. This way of working can be copied and used elsewhere across the council.

Do you need planning advice but can't afford a consultant?

Planning Aid provides free, independent and professional town and country planning advice to people that cannot afford a consultant. Assistance is provided via the Advice Helpline and the Community Planning outreach programme. Planning Aid forms part of a national charity and is run by the Royal Town Planning Institute. For free advice...



Last Updated on Friday, April 12, 2019

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