Energy developments

Following the government’s production of the Planning Practice Guidance Document which looks at ‘Renewable and Low Carbon Energy’ and at the request of Parish Council’s across Bassetlaw, the Planning Service has sought to offer a simple mapping page which provides geographical locational information on the renewable energy planning applications received by Planning Services since 1st January 2000. The map facility identifies the District’s planning applications for Solar Farm and Wind Turbines together with their current status’s and a link to the planning Public Access webpages where details of the planning application and associated documents can be viewed. This site is updated on a weekly basis.

You can add or remove layers from the map by simply clicking on the tabs immediately adjacent to the layer names. Clicking on individual records on the map will bring up basic information on that record.

Licence agreement for access to National or Authority datasets and Ordnance Survey (OS) data

Instructions to view case records and documentation in Public Access:

  • Highlight and copy the case number in the result pop up while using the map above
  • Open the Public Access front page then click on the link to Start Using the Online Register
  • Paste the case number into the search tab and click search

Disclaimer: Please note that this mapping service is not in any way a substitute for the information held on the planning register held by Bassetlaw District Council and does not include renewables that constitute permitted development.


Last Updated on Thursday, February 23, 2023