What's a community infrastructure levy? - Regulation 123 List


Infrastructure Required Cost of the Improvement / £m
A614/Scrooby Road, Harworth 0.75
A620/A638 roundabout, Retford  3.00
B1164/A6075 Junction, Tuxford 0.75
A57/A60 Sandy Lane roundabout, Worksop A57 arms and Highground arm only 1.50
A57/Claylands Avenue roundabout, Worksop 1.50
A60/A619 roundabout, Worksop 3.00
A57/B6041 Gateford Road roundabout, Worksop B6041 arm only 1.50
Secondary school provision in Worksop 4.50
Secondary school provision in Harworth Bircotes 4.40
Total cost 23.90


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Last Updated on Monday, December 23, 2019