What's a community infrastructure levy? - CIL Payment in Kind - Infrastructure Payment Policy

In accordance with Regulations 73, 73A, 73B and 74 of the Community Infrastructure Levy
Regulations 2010 (as amended), Bassetlaw District Council as the charging authority for
the area will allow the payment of CIL by land payments or infrastructure payments.

The Bassetlaw CIL Charging Schedule came into effect on 1st September 2013 and the
payment of CIL via a Land Payment has been available from this date.

The policy to allow the provision of payment in the form of an infrastructure provision will
be effective from 1 July 2014.

The CIL Regulations 2010 (as amended), allow the Council to accept full or part payment of a
CIL liability by way of the transfer of land to the Council. The Council may also enter into
agreements to receive infrastructure as payment. Such an approach has a number of
benefits. For example, where the Council has already planned to invest levy receipts in a
project there may be time, cost and efficiency benefits in accepting completed
infrastructure from the party liable for payment of the levy. Payment in kind can also enable
developers, users and authorities to have more certainty about the timescale over which
certain infrastructure items will be delivered.

Payment of CIL by Infrastructure Provision

Bassetlaw District Council will accept the provision of the following projects in lieu of part or
all of a CIL payment which may be due:

Infrastructure Required Indicative Costs (£m)
A1/A614/B6045 Blyth junction, Harworth 4.50
A614/Blyth Road junction, Harworth 1.50
A614/Scrooby Road, Harworth 0.75
Blyth Road/Scrooby Road/Main Street/Bawtry Road,
A620/A638 roundabout, Retford 3.00
B1164/A6075 Junction, Tuxford 0.75
A57/A60 Sandy Lane roundabout, Worksop 1.50
A57/Claylands Avenue roundabout, Worksop 1.50
A60/A619 roundabout, Worksop 3.00
A60/A57/B6024 roundabout, Worksop 3.00
A57/B6041 Gateford Road roundabout, Worksop 3.00


This infrastructure is the same as that which is currently contained on the Council’s CIL
Regulation 123 List.

Where the payment of CIL by infrastructure provision is considered acceptable the Council
will enter into an infrastructure agreement prior to the development commencing. This
agreement will include the information specified in Regulation 73A.

Before entering into an infrastructure agreement to allow such provision, the Council will
need to be satisfied that the criteria in Regulation 73A (inserted by the 2014 Regulations)
are met.

It should be noted that the value of any infrastructure offered in this way will be determined
by a suitably qualified independent person who will ascertain the cost to the provider
including any design related costs.

For full details about making payments in kind including the criteria for accepting
infrastructure payments and the process which we will go through please see the
Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 (as amended) and the Community
Infrastructure Levy Guidance.

Full details about other aspect of the Bassetlaw CIL are available from the Council’s website:



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