CIL annual reports - Styrrup with Oldcotes CIL monitoring report 2017-18

CIL Local Money Monitoring Report (Regulation 62A)

The Parish Council of Styrrup with Oldcotes received a total amount of £295.76 in the financial year 2017'2018

The total amount was applied to the infrastructure project of installing "speed gates" to each entrance to the Parish. In this instance the CIL monies were applied to the replacement of two rectangular gate gates (being 4 gates in total) following the theft of same. The Police were unable to apprehend the culprits or discover any forensic leads.

No CIL funds were held over for 2018'2019 albeit further downloads were made that year.

There were no CIL funds rolled over from previous years.



Last Updated on Wednesday, November 20, 2019