Sandhill Quarter


By 2040, the Sandhill Quarter will be known as a quality, welcoming living environment, with a range of homes available to meet local residents needs and aspirations, close to the town centre. Its housing offer will be affordable, fit for purpose, energy efficient and better able to meet the community’s needs as they age. Set within family friendly public realm, multifunctional neighbourhood green spaces and the Chesterfield Canal, the neighbourhood will be a place where residents choose to live, with a range of local services and the town centre close to hand.


Sandhill quarter map

DPD Proposals

Priorities for Regeneration


  • Improve local connections for pedestrians, cyclists, e-vehicles and vehicles.
  • Implement clear wayfinding to enhance connections to the town centre
  • Maintain and where possible enhance connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists along the canal, to Worksop Waterfront and Worksop Station

Living and Working

  • Introduce sustainable, multigenerational, affordable and urban living to meet local needs


  • Create a vibrant and attractive housing environment
  • Enhance public realm and streetscape to aid legibility and encourage positive use


  • Facilitate the efficient re-use of land to better meet housing and open space needs, and to minimise the use of greenfield land
  • Contribute to biodiversity net gain
  • Maximise the ecological and recreational value of Sandhill Lake

Site allocations

Land South of Sandy Lane (W33)

A significant opportunity exists to positively regenerate: The aspiration is to create a quality, sustainable housing area, of genuinely affordable housing and safe green spaces that better meet local residents’ needs and aspirations. This residential development will deliver 300 dwellings (a net gain of at least 52 dwellings).

Sandhill Lake (W34)

The Local Wildlife Site will receive enhancements that will benefit Worksop’s community, visitors and the environment.

Last Updated on Wednesday, April 13, 2022