Innovation District


By 2040, the Innovation District will be a thriving, prosperous neighbourhood, its success evident through a strong cluster of start-up, incubators and accelerator businesses within growth sectors and specialisations, including health care, creative and digital industries, and green energy.


Innovation district map

DPD Proposals

Priorities for Regeneration

  • Connections
    • Improve connectivity for pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles within the area and to The Canch;
    • Implement a clear route hierarchy and wayfinding to enhance connections to the town centre;
    • Provide for up-to-date digital infrastructure in new development and public spaces
  • Living and Working
    • Diversify the business/commercial uses within the area;
    • Grow Worksop’s education and training offer;
    • Diversify the local housing offer to better meet local needs;
  •  Experience
    • Strengthen the identity and historic character of the Innovation District;
    • Create a vibrant and attractive business and commercial destination;
    • Enhance public realm and streetscape to aid legibility and attract investment;
  •  Environment
    • Support flood management along the River Ryton to enhance resilience;
    • Facilitate the remediation of brownfield land to benefit the environment;

Site allocations

The WASH (W26)

​The Worksop Access to Skills Hub (The WASH) will convert a vacant building in the town centre into a training and skills hub.

Canal Road, Former Gas Works (W25)

The previously used land will be redeveloped to accommodate 50 residential dwellings and 10 live-work units within a rejuvenated riverside corridor.

Warehouse, Priorswell Road (W24)

The residential development will provide 60 dwellings and combined with neighbouring sites will create a diverse mixed use area of Worksop Central.

Creative Village Site 2 (W23)

Redevelopment of vacant land for a mixed use development, which will include business and commercial floor space as well as 20 residential dwellings.

Last Updated on Tuesday, March 12, 2024