Building control frequently asked questions - How to find electricians in your area

The schemes below can be contacted to find which electricians in your area, are registered with their organisation as a Competent Person.

Contact one of the Competent Person’s Scheme organisers:

Please note that in the case of applications already submitted for extensions and new dwellings, a Completion Certificate will not be issued unless:-

A certificate is produced from a competent electrical installer to prove compliance or,

An additional charge is paid when work is being undertaken by a ‘unregistered' electrician, Building Control will arrange for a competent electrician to undertake the inspection and selected testing on behalf of the Council to confirm your work complies with Approved Document 'P' of the Building Regulations.

Work carried out by unregistered electricians

Where work is being carried out by an unregistered electrician on a DIY basis you may need to submit a Part P Building Notice to us. This will incur a charge to cover the cost of employing a competent electrician, who will then carry out the relevant testing and issue a certification to the Council confirming the work was found to be in compliance with Approved Document 'P' of the Building Regulations.

Please Note

If your project involves the construction of a new bathroom, kitchen or a new dwelling, then most electrical work will need to comply. Please discuss this with your appointed builder or electrical installer at the earliest opportunity to avoid problems at a later stage.

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Last Updated on Friday, October 28, 2022