Statement on Closure of Doncaster Sheffield Airport

Following today’s announcement by the Peel Group that they intend to wind down operations at Doncaster Sheffield Airport, Cllr James Naish, Leader of Bassetlaw District Council, said:

“The decision of Peel Group to close the Airport, less than three days after the extended consultation period closed, shows what was widely expected – that a decision had already been made by the owners behind the scenes.

“This is despite almost universal public support for the Airport remaining open, as well as cross-party political support for its continued operation – including from the new Prime Minister.

“As a Council, we simply can’t accept the idea form the Peel Group that: ‘The intractable problem remains the fundamental and insufficient lack of current or prospective revenue streams, together with the airport's high operating costs.’

“We know from our own analysis that there are a range of opportunities that the Airport simply hasn’t tapped into, and a financial lifeline was offered to Peel Group to enable buyers to pull appropriate financial packages together over the coming months.

“The owners have instead ripped the carpet from underneath everyone – most obviously, the staff who they claim to be the Airport’s ‘greatest asset’. Nobody treats their greatest asset in this way.

“We will continue to work as closely as possible with public and private stakeholders to make sure that all avenues are explored through to the end of October. As we have said previously, Bassetlaw District Council is convinced that there are a number of opportunities available that would enable the Airport to maximise its contribution to the local and regional economy as well as, crucially, building its resilience for the future.  

“We strongly urge the Peel Group to reconsider this decision and join local, regional and national stakeholders in the call to ensure this valuable regional asset is protected for our communities.”



Last Updated on Thursday, October 20, 2022