Bassetlaw responds to Airport Strategic Review

Bassetlaw District Council leaders have submitted a comprehensive report to the owners of Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) which highlights that while there could be wide-reaching implications for our whole community should the airport close, there are a wide range of opportunities still to be pursued by the Airport which could help to protect DSA for future generations.

Following the announcement in July this year that DSA may no longer be commercially viable, the owners Peel Group launched a Strategic Review and a period of consultation on the Airport’s future.

In a positive move, the Council, in conjunction with North Notts Business Improvement District, conducted a thorough review of DSA’s position in the wider aviation sector and regional economy, and has now submitted its own Strategic Review to Peel Group to represent and amplify the views of businesses, residents, councillors and community leaders.

The review sets out how the Council believes the closure of the airport could have a significant adverse impact on the local business community, be harmful to the economic growth of the region and the wider ‘levelling up’ agenda. In addition, it identifies a range of growth options for DSA so that the long-term viability of the Airport can be secured.

Ahead of an announcement from Peel Group on Monday, Cllr James Naish, leader of Bassetlaw District Council said: “Doncaster Sheffield Airport has become part of the fabric of our area and it is clear that its closure would have wide-reaching implications for our whole community. Families could lose jobs, local businesses and a burgeoning supply chain would be harmed, and travel options for almost 6.2 million people who live within an hour of the airport would diminish.

“While we recognise that the aviation industry is experiencing many challenges in the post-pandemic world, we do not believe that the closure of the airport is the best option – or that it should even be an option.

“Based on our detailed strategic review, we believe that it is imperative for the Peel Group to consider a broad range of options for the future direction and ownership of the Airport, to secure its long-term operation.

“Our report identifies a number of options that would enable the Airport to maximise its contribution to the local and regional economy as well as, crucially, building its resilience for the future. We strongly urge the Peel Group to give careful consideration to the evidence we have submitted as part of their Strategic Review.

“The Council is fully committed to working proactively with the Peel Group, Doncaster Council and the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority to ensure that this valuable regional asset is protected for our communities, and that the Airport’s economic potential is maximised to the benefit of the wider region in the future.”

In response to the Peel Group’s review, Bassetlaw District Council, in conjunction with North Notts Business Improvement District, conducted their own strategic review which aims to demonstrate the long-term viability of the Airport. This involved contacting over 4,000 businesses in Bassetlaw and collating feedback from other sources, including residents and community leaders.

The Council’s Strategic Review states (pdf 361kb) that the future of DSA must lie with aviation and it is extremely premature to consider closing such a valuable regional infrastructure asset before all possible options have been considered through discussions with relevant partners and investors; and without full consideration of the impacts on the wider national and regional aviation, transport and economic policy agendas.

Last Updated on Thursday, October 20, 2022