Bassetlaw to be home of game-changing energy production

Bassetlaw to be home of game-changing energy production

North Nottinghamshire is set to become a global hub for a wide range of engineering, technological and scientific expertise, following the announcement that the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Agency has chosen West Burton as the future home of its STEP project.

The decision will see game-changing investment for the area with the STEP, or Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production, programme seeking to pave the way for the development of commercial power plants capable of producing a limitless supply of low carbon, clean energy. It will also showcase how a future fusion power station will be operated and maintained.

STEP offers the potential to transform and regenerate the area, creating thousands of jobs and supply chain opportunities across a number of sectors, in an area already intimately linked with energy production. 

James Naish, Leader of Bassetlaw District Council, commented: 

“As the Leader of the District Council, as well as a resident and councillor for Sturton Ward where the STEP project will be sited, I am delighted to hear that West Burton has been selected as the future home for this unique project.

“West Burton A was one of the biggest power stations in the country when it was opened in the early 1960s and has delivered power across the nation for decades - and with this announcement, we know that the Trent Valley will play a vital role in the UK's transition to a greener, carbon neutral future. 

It has been a huge team effort to land this multi-billion-pound investment for the District involving the County Council, the District Council, EDF Energy, MPs, Councillors and more, including the resident-led West Burton Residents’ Planning Group.  

I congratulate them all on the successful bid and look forward to working with all parties to maximise the skills, jobs and inward investment that will result from this significant project coming to Bassetlaw.” 

Nick Cary, Chair of the West Burton Residents’ Planning Group which conducted widespread engagement on the future of West Burton A, said:

“I think it’s fantastic news that the UKAEA have chosen West Burton as the home of their STEP project. The region has such a long and rich history of energy production and it’s great to see that this will continue as the country develops its greener energy infrastructure.

“It’s an exciting development of new technology and it will certainly help to put West Burton on the map. We’ll still be able to admire the cooling towers for a few more years but this new chapter will be very interesting to follow.”

David Armiger, Chief Executive of Bassetlaw District Council said: “We’re really pleased that the West Burton site has been chosen as the location for the new STEP Fusion research facility. West Burton has been playing a massive part in our energy infrastructure for more than 50 years and its fantastic to know that is going to contribute to the development of green energy technologies moving forward. This is a huge investment in the district and one we fully welcome.

“One of the significant advantages of the development of this site will be all of the associated investment that it brings. Culham in Oxfordshire is the hub of a huge number of high-tech companies and we’re looking forward to welcoming that level of investment and that broad range of industries, jobs and skills uplift into this area.”

Last Updated on Thursday, October 20, 2022