Prison for injunction breach

Shane HullsA Retford homeless man has been sentenced to 28 days in prison after breaching the conditions of an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction that had banned him from entering Retford Town Centre.

Shane Hulls had become the subject of an ASB Injunction on 17 May 2021 which prevented him from entering an exclusion zone around the town centre, other than in limited circumstances including to visit his pharmacy or the Council’s Emergency Winter Shelter.

However, Mr Hulls had made multiple alleged breaches over the last four months, the latest being when he was witnessed by a Nottinghamshire Police PCSO sat outside a tent in Kings’ Park, only a matter of days after he had been bailed for a previous alleged breach of the Injunction.

At Mansfield Magistrates Court on 15 September 2021, District Judge Potts said: "I made it clear he [Mr Hulls] was not to go in the exclusion and he ignored it within 24 hours. There can be no more disregard than this.

"I need to impose some kind of custodial sentence. My first question is should it be immediate or suspend it in some way. I am not satisfied this is one I should suspend. As the breach is such a fragrant disregard for the Court it requires immediate custody."

Cllr Julie Leigh, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods at Bassetlaw District Council said; "Mr Hulls has been a persistent nuisance and has shown no regard for the previous judgements of the court or the restrictions that are contained within the Injunction. We support the judgement of the Court and hope this sends a message that we will not hesitate to act if anyone who is subject to an ASB Injunction does not abide by its conditions."    

Since the order was granted, Mr Hulls has served half of his sentence and has been released. However, should he breech the order he will return to prison to serve the remainder of his sentence, in addition to any additional sentence a court may wish to impose.

The Injunction has been amended to include a power of arrest should Mr Hulls breach the Injunction, and has been extended to 31st March 2022.

Mr Hulls must not:

  • Engage in conduct which is capable of causing harassment alarm or distress to residents living and working in Retford and the town centre. For the avoidance of doubt this clause includes but is not limited to shouting, swearing, fighting, violence and threats of violence.
  • Enter or remain upon the the exclusion zone other than if accessing Retford Fire Station, Wharf Road, Retford, when the Council is offering severe weather night shelter for the district’s homeless and rough sleepers. The permitted route of access to Retford Fire Station is over Carolgate Bridge leading onto Wharf Road. The permitted access Route to Churchgate Car Park (where J Hoots Pharmacist is situated) is via Amcott way. The Respondent is not permitted to access this area via the exclusion zone.

Last Updated on Thursday, November 18, 2021