Carlton man banned from mother’s home

A Carlton-in-Lindrick man has been banned from visiting the home of his mother following a sustained period of harassment.

Craig Taylor, of Kingston Road, Carlton-in-Lindrick, was given an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction at Mansfield County Court on 9 September 2021 which prevents him from entering an exclusion zone that borders Kingston Road, Knaton Road and Long Lane.

Mr Taylor had been accused of harassing and threatening his mother Julie Taylor in person, by phone and on social media, in a bid to extort money from her that is suspected to have funded a substance misuse habit.

Hearing written evidence from witnesses including Ms Taylor, which included her stating that she no longer felt safe in her own home and that she was no longer able to see her grandchildren for fear of Mr Taylor visiting her home and causing distress, Deputy District Judge Morris granted the Injunction.

Cllr Julie Leigh, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods at Bassetlaw District Council, said: "No one should be made to feel unsafe in their own home and we are pleased that the courts supported our application for this injunction. I’d like to thank Ms Taylor and a number of other witnesses for providing the evidence which undoubtedly helped to secure this result. Having faith in the system and seeing it through has ensured that should Mr Taylor attempt to cause further anguish and anxiety to his family and residents in this area, there will be consequences to his actions."

Mr Taylor, whether by himself or by instructing or encouraging or allowing any other person, must not:

  1. Engage in conduct which is capable of causing harassment alarm or distress to residents living at 104 Long Lane, Carlton in Lindrick. For the avoidance of doubt this clause includes but is not limited to shouting, swearing, fighting, violence and threats of violence.
  2. Enter or remain upon the areas outlined as an exclusion zone.
  3. Contact Julie Taylor directly or indirectly.

The order has a power of arrest and is to remain in force until 4pm on 9 March 2022.

Last Updated on Thursday, November 18, 2021