Bassetlaw to move into 'Very High' Tier - Cllr Simon Greaves Statement

Bassetlaw to move into 'Very High' Tier - Cllr Simon Greaves Statement

At the very start of the Covid-19 Pandemic we were all told to protect the NHS and save lives.

The clear reality is that the spread of Covid-19 in Bassetlaw is accelerating at an alarming rate and the impact on local NHS services and our hospital is real and worrying. 

There is now greater strain on our local hospital than when the country first went into lockdown. More people need hospital treatment and operations, and elective procedures are being cancelled. This is the blunt reality of the fight against Covid-19 in Bassetlaw.

There are no easy options and I have always made it clear that I will listen to and follow the advice, evidence, and clinical opinion of public health experts. The advice I have received is clear, unambiguous and cannot be ignored. We need to move into the ‘Very High’ Tier to save lives and protect our local NHS.

This isn't about one size fits all, it's about saving lives in Bassetlaw. The evidence and data shows without doubt that infection rates of Covid-19 have risen mercilessly in Bassetlaw and I, along with the other District, Borough, City and County leaders, agree that further steps are needed to mitigate the spread of the virus and protect public health. 

This has been a very fast-moving issue and I absolutely understand the worries, concerns and sheer frustration of residents and businesses across the district. I have made these views very clear to Government. 

To save lives, we must do all we can to reduce the spread Covid-19 and follow the latest guidance from the Government.

This isn't about infection rates in other parts of the country or over a county or district border. It's about the brutal reality of Covid-19 and protecting the health of Bassetlaw people, our NHS and the people providing care in our hospitals.

Please follow the guidance and please stay safe.

Last Updated on Tuesday, December 22, 2020