New taxi plates introduced

New taxi plates introduced

Bassetlaw District Council has started to roll out fully biodegradable and recyclable taxi licencing plates in a bid to decrease the impact these have on the environment.
Bassetlaw currently has around 130 licenced taxi and hackney carriage vehicles and their licence plates must be renewed each year when the vehicle has passed its annual maintenance and safety check.

The ECOPLATE provided by Variable Information Plate (VIP) is ecologically friendly as the polypropylene used is both photo and biodegradable and can be easily disposed of by using any office shredder. The shredded material will then degrade naturally.

Councillor Josie Potts, Chair of Licencing at Bassetlaw District Council, said: “We have been working hard to try and find a solution to the hard plastic used for licence plates and feel that we have got the right result.

“It is also really important that licence plates are displayed clearly and correctly so that members of the public and enforcement officers can easily identify licenced vehicles and know they are safe.

“The new licences tick all these boxes and we look forward to seeing them rolled out to all taxi services that have been licenced through the District Council.”

The new plates also include an internal display version, which is positioned on the dashboard inside the vehicle. It is double-sided ensuring they are visible to both passengers and to other drivers.

This means that when you see a new white Hackney Carriage plate with the Bassetlaw District Council logo, you can rest assured that the cab you are in and the driver you are with has been approved following rigorous checks by the Council.

Both plates have also been made tamperproof. Once laminated it is impossible to separate the pre-printed base without damaging the base beyond use.
Tony MacDonald, a driver with Shelley’s Taxis, said: “I’m really happy to be picking up the new plates and to know that once the 12-months expires they can be shredded and recycled is fantastic.”

The new flexible plates, which started to be introduced in October 2018 are currently being issued to hackney carriage taxi drivers following annual vehicle checks. New yellow private hire vehicles are to be issued with the ECOPLATE in the near future.

Last Updated on Wednesday, January 16, 2019