Check your dog’s chip

Check your dog’s chip

More than a hundred dogs each year in Bassetlaw are not being returned to their owners because they have not been microchipped or the owner’s information has not been updated.

Microchipping your dog became compulsory in 2016 and since then Bassetlaw District Council has been working with Dogs Trust to provide free microchipping sessions.

However, during 2017/18 around 120 dogs could not be reunited with their owners because they could not be contacted due to the incorrect information appearing on the microchipping database, or they were not collected from kennels.

Dog owners in Bassetlaw are now being urged to check their dog’s details on the chipping database and update the information if needed.

Cllr Julie Leigh, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods at Bassetlaw District Council, said: “Not only is it the law to have your pet microchipped, but it’s vital that dog owners check and update their pet’s details once they have been registered.

“It’s extremely sad that around 120 dogs in Bassetlaw last year didn’t make it home to their owners and one of the reasons was because the details on the microchip database were out of date. I’d like to urge dog owners in Bassetlaw to take just a few moments to check these details online so that they can ensure their pet can be returned to them should they go missing.”

During 2017/18, 269 dogs were kennelled or picked up by the Council’s Dog Warden with around 150 returned to their owners as a result of the animal being microchipped and the information on the chip being correct.

However, this left around 120 dogs without a home and some of the reasons can include; contact details not being updated when you move home, the dog having different owners, the chip not been registered with the provider’s database, or a breeder chipping the dog but not registering the chip or the details.

To check if your information is correct, update the information or to register your pet on one of the three main microchipping data bases, you can do the following:

• If your dog has been microchipped, it can be read by any microchip reader, which will provide you with the number of the chip. You can input this number into one of the three data bases to check or update your information.

• The chip can be read by your vet as part of regular health checks or at the Dogs Trust chipping sessions that are provided in conjunction with the Council.

• When your dog has been chipped or registered you should be provided with the name of the database and their contact details. You must access or contact the database direct to update or register any details.

The main microchipping databases are as follows:
01296 336579
01904 487600
0844 414 2262
01902 508 355

Last Updated on Wednesday, January 16, 2019