Team effort gets underway to boost protection of women and girls in Worksop

Multiagency plans are being put in motion to heighten security in Worksop South as part of a major new project to enhance the safety of women and girls.

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry has secured a total of £550k from the third round of the Home Office's Safer Streets Fund to invest in new safety measures including CCTV and street lighting to reduce vulnerability and the risk of violence in the area.

A new partnership team has been put in place to manage the delivery of improvements in Worksop South, which will be implemented over the next six months.

The Commissioner is working closely with Nottinghamshire Police, Bassetlaw District Council and Nottinghamshire County Council, drawing on a wealth of experts and resources to increase safety in the community and give local women the security improvements they have said are urgently needed.

Commissioner Henry said: "There is a real team effort to get this project underway and I am grateful for the experience and knowledge of our partners in managing and delivering these improvement works on the ground.

"Communities which work together to solve problems and support each other are stronger communities and make a huge difference to people's lives. The Safer Streets project is a fine example of how much can be achieved when agencies work collaboratively and share expertise to get the job done.

"This project will not only deter violence against women and girls but will also help to reduce fear, a goal all of us are determined to achieve." 

Cllr Jo White, Cabinet Member for Regeneration at Bassetlaw District Council, added: "Whether people are visiting or going to work, alone or together, meeting friends and family or simply going home, they need to feel safe when they are in our town centres. This much needed funding for improvements to the CCTV network and street lighting will certainly make a difference.

"But the Council's ambition goes further than increasing deterrents and by working alongside the Bassetlaw Women's Safety Group and partners, we will provide training aimed at changing attitudes and behaviours towards women to help improve the long-term safety for everyone in our area."

The driving ambition of the third Safer Streets Fund is to reduce Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) and increase their feelings of safety in public spaces.

Prior to submitting the bid, the Commissioner visited North Notts College in Worksop where she chatted to young female students about their safety and experiences of feeling vulnerable while walking alone.

The Commissioner also undertook a wider female safety survey asking women what safety measures would make a difference to their confidence while police analysis was undertaken of the types of crime in Worksop South over the past three to four years.

The survey revealed 82 per cent of respondents were in favour of increased police or warden patrols in locations where feelings of safety were worst while 68 per cent said improved street lighting was needed in secluded areas where women and girls felt unsafe. More than 60 per cent of women said improved CCTV was needed and there was also support for training to change attitudes to prevent gender-based violence among males at risk.

In response, the project will fund 27 fixed CCTV cameras (12 upgrades and 15 new) in Worksop South, 200 upgraded streetlights and three new ANPR cameras. Environmental clean-up activities will be funded by the council and a range of diversionary and awareness training for school girls and potential male perpetrators will be delivered through the project.

Last Updated on Monday, December 20, 2021