Statement: Canal & River Trust and Bassetlaw District Council

Statement: Canal & River Trust and Bassetlaw District Council

“Following the flooding in Worksop at the start of November which affected homes and businesses in the town, comments were made in the media suggesting that the Canal & River Trust actions in not fully opening their sluice gate prevented the alleviation and mitigation of the flood.

Bassetlaw District Council fully accepts the Canal & River Trust position that the sluice gate in question is part of the water flow management system of the Chesterfield Canal Feeder and it is not in any way designed to alleviate the build-up of water in the River Ryton in a Flood Situation. The only designated purpose of the sluice gate is to regulate the flow of water into the Canal Feeder. The Council understands the Trust’s concerns that opening the sluice could have led to the canal overflowing and causing additional flooding to the residents and businesses along it.

Nottinghamshire County Council as Lead Flood Authority will be undertaking a review under Section 19 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010. The Council and the Canal & River Trust jointly agree that a thorough review of the handling of the emergency response will be beneficial for all parties.

 Separately, the Trust and the Council are discussing how to address the condition of the Bassetlaw District Council-owned building in which the sluice in question is housed with staff from the Council having already visited to start the process of undertaking repairs to enable the sluice to be used to feed the Canal in future.”

Last Updated on Thursday, December 19, 2019