Council Statement on unauthorised encampment on Farr Park, Worksop

This situation is frustrating for residents and we are taking legal action to regain possession of the land. This encampment is unauthorised and constitutes an act of trespass. There is a set legal route that the Council has to follow in order to regain possession of the land. Council officers served notice on those occupying Farr Park last week asking them to move on, but this was ignored. Papers were then submitted to the Court and we now have a Court hearing later in the week where we will seek a Court Order for possession of the land. If this is not complied with, then the Court Bailiff will be required to enforce the Order.

Concrete bollards were removed from Farr Park Car Park in order to gain access and further bollards have been removed from Spring Walk. The Council did attempt to replace these bollards, but contactors were unable to safely carry out these works. We have requested a police presence and will reattempt the installation of the bollards. Whilst we are receiving a number of complaints from residents, issues concerning illegal activity should be reported to Nottinghamshire Police.

Last Updated on Wednesday, October 13, 2021