Stories and Objects

story objectEvery person has an object that helps to tell an interesting and unique story and Bassetlaw Museum is asking local residents to share their objects and stories as part of an exciting new exhibition.

As part of this latest project, the Museum is searching for local people who would like to exhibit their objects and, just as important, to share the stories that go with them. 

Sam Glasswell, Curator of Bassetlaw Museum, said: “Bassetlaw people will have some extraordinary stories to tell and through this project we’d like to showcase them and the objects that help to tell their unique story.

“Some items might be very old, illustrating a traditional part of life in Bassetlaw, others might be much more modern, showing how the world has changed. Some people may even choose to show things that provide a connection to places where we have come from or to those who have left the area. These personal experiences and emotions will then be brought together in a unique exhibition at Bassetlaw Museum that will run from 23rd September to 23rd November 2019.”

The project is being run in conjunction with Mansfield Museum, Ruddington Village Museum and Nottingham Trent University and this collaboration is exploring how museums can build new and strong relationships with local people, and enable the community to tell their forgotten, untold and unheard stories.

If you would like to learn more about this project, a drop-in session will be held on Saturday 8th June from 10am to 3pm at Bassetlaw Museum, Grove Street where you will have the opportunity to speak with Museum staff. This will be followed by a series of four workshops throughout the summer that will give people, who wish to be part of the exhibition, the skills to explain what the object means to them as well as how to display it.

More information is also available on the Stories and Objects website or by contacting the museum at or on 01777 713749.

Last Updated on Friday, December 6, 2019