Council to invest £72m in housing

Over the next five years, Bassetlaw District Council plans to invest a total of £72.65m into the homes of its tenants to ensure they are safe, comfortable and meet the Government’s ‘Decent Homes’ standard.

In some cases, the Council plan to go beyond this standard and over the next 12 months, a total of £11.5m will be spent in five key areas that include: Delivering Decent Homes; Maximising Energy Efficiency; Building Safety; Regeneration of Estates; and Developing New Homes.

The Council currently owns and manages more than 6,900 properties and this announcement is part of Bassetlaw’s 30 year Business Plan for the Housing Revenue Account, which was agreed at the Council’s Cabinet meeting in January 2021.

Cllr Steve Scotthorne, Cabinet Member for Housing at Bassetlaw District Council, said; “It’s vital that we continue to invest in our properties so that tenants have decent, warm, and energy-efficient homes to live in.

“This is the biggest investment in housing that has been made since the Government ended their Decent Homes Funding in 2012/13. When the Council brought the housing service back from A1 Housing, it promised to identify savings and re-invest this money back into tenant’s homes.

“We are now delivering on this promise with the biggest investment in housing for almost 10 years. As a result, over the next five years we will be carrying out this work in tenant’s homes and in communities across Bassetlaw and we hope that tenants will continue to be satisfied by the standard of their homes.”

Decent Homes and Energy Efficiency

Over the next five years, we will invest a total of £23.8m to maintain decency levels and improve the energy efficiency of tenant’s homes.

In order to identify the work that is needed in tenant’s homes, we have been undertaking Stock Condition Surveys of 30% of our properties each year. This process began in 2019/20, continued in 2020/21, and a further 30% of the stock will be independently surveyed in 2021/22.

Currently 100% of tenant’s homes meet the Decent Homes Standard, but we need to continue to invest in properties to modernise them and improve their energy efficiency. This is so that we can minimise fuel poverty by ensuring properties have good levels of insulation, A-rated boilers, solar PV, renewable energy and efficient well maintained heating systems.

As part of this budget, over the next 12 months we’ll be installing around 228 kitchens and 214 bathrooms, re-tiling 42 roofs, installing 50 doors and around 300 windows.

Building Safety

We also have a commitment to ensure that tenant’s homes are safe to live in and meet the highest safety standards in areas such as Gas and Carbon Monoxide, Electrical, Fire, Water, Asbestos, and Lifts, Access and Equipment.

We will spend a total of £7.8m over the next five years to ensure that tenant’s homes are safe to live in.

Environment and Neighbourhoods

We also know that tenants deserve a nice environment to live in, which is why we have committed a total of £11m over the next five years to maintain estates and neighbourhoods with programmes that include roads, footpaths, parking and garages. It will also see our first estate regeneration scheme commence on the Carlton Wimpey Estate at Carlton-in-Lindrick.

New Build and Refurbishment

We have a good track record of building new homes, and to continue this we already have plans in place to build 120 new homes in Manton and begin a refurbishment programme of our Independent Living Centres.

Over the next five years, we have committed more than £25m to these and other projects to build new housing that meets the needs of all current and future tenants.

That’s not all

There are many other areas of Housing that we must continue to invest in, including £2.7m on Adaptations to ensure that tenants living with a disability can continue to live in their own homes.

We will also be investing £1.7m in other areas including;

  • the Lifeline System, an emergency call system for our elderly and vulnerable tenants, by upgrading the technology and looking at payment methods for those tenants who have the system installed in their homes;
  • In order to maintain a housing service that best meets the needs of our tenants, we will also be investing in things like vehicle replacement, IT infrastructure, systems and equipment.

Last Updated on Monday, April 12, 2021