Unauthorised Encampment: Farr Park Car Park, Worksop

Update 23 June 2022

Bassetlaw District Council submitted papers to the Court this afternoon (23rd June 2022), seeking a hearing to regain possession of the land. A further update will be provided once we have a court date.

22 June 2022

There are a number of caravans and associated vehicles parked in Farr Park Car Park, Worksop.

This encampment is unauthorised and constitutes an act of trespass. There is a set legal route that the Council has to follow in order to regain possession of the land. Council Officers have today (22 June) served notice on those occupying Farr Park Car Park asking them to move on. If this is ignored the next stage is to apply to the Court for a hearing where we will seek a Court Order for possession of the land. If the Court Order is granted and not complied with after notice has been served, then the Court Bailiff will be required to enforce the Order.

Why aren’t the Caravans/Vehicles ticketed?

This is an act of trespass. By issuing parking tickets the implication is that by purchasing a parking ticket, it would be acceptable to park up the caravans and associated vehicles in the Car Park. We would not then be able to take legal action to regain possession of the land.

Last Updated on Wednesday, October 12, 2022